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// Wx is a <consulting studio>
that helps companies quantify and
improve their
<workplace experience>

trusted by innovative organizations

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our <services>

we carry out consulting projects to help organizations improve the workplace.


space design

Program the space requirement for a new office

Workplace experience-assessment

workplace experience assessment

Evaluate current work experience and uncover improvement opportunities


workplace technology consulting

Design and select the technology solutions to make the workplace connected


workplace experience design

Improve workplace experience, productivity and collaboration


space optimization

Optimize footprint

<benefits> to work with Wx


<save> money and space

Our clients reported savings ranging from 10% to 35% by optimizing the space in their workplace


<data-driven> corporate real estate

Our unique approach allows your organization to tackle projects in a much more objective manner.


<visibility> for CRE in the organization

CRE departments can bring a lot of value, yet are too often seen as a mere cost center by other members of the organization. As we help you prove the results of your actions, you gather the tools that will enable your project outcomes to stand out!


less <Change Management>

Despite the many studies proving the upsides of the agile workspace, some employees and managers are still reluctant to shift, and that is very understandable. Because we help you to show objective facts around your project, you are not trying to convince your people anymore, but seek together for the "'how"


top-notch <workplace experience>

As we are tech-agnostic, we help you find what are the best solutions for your specific context

our <approach>

We focus on the users by applying techniques that minimize perception biases,
and we measure the proxies that characterize their behavior.

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employee <experience>

draw the journey of your employees

Many people call this UX (User experience) or EX (Employee experience), but the root discipline has been here for a century, and it’s ethnography. Our ethnographers come to your office andobserve your people, their interactions with the space and their behaviour in a holistic manner, taking into consideration every aspect of their experience to extract pain points and satisfaction points. From this information, our thinking process starts, as we define personas and employee journeys and use this to explain what the data is demonstrating.


internet of <things>

draw the journey of your employees

We work with numerous technology providers - wifi, infrared, accelerometers, AI-powered optical sensors... to source the best setup for your workplace, and start collecting the data. We can then tell you how much your workplace is used, the average size of a meeting, the average time spent in an area or in a given setting... and many other metrics to support your workplace experience decisions.

We believe data privacy should be everyone’s main concern; therefore, we only work with GDPR-compliant technologies.


<data> science

applied statistics to your experience issues

Our data scientists give sense to your data, analyzing patterns andcorrelation in the utilization of your spaces. With an average of 5 million data points per project, it takes more than Excel to crunch workplace analytics data. Our in-house dashboards and analytical platform can later be transferred to your teams, to implement a whole new way to apprehend what is happening in your office.

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