our <approach>

We focus on the users by applying techniques that minimize perception biases,
and we measure the proxies that characterize their behavior.

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<employee experience>

draw the journey of your employees

Many people call this UX (User experience) or EX (Employee experience), but the root discipline has been here for a century, and it’s ethnography. Our ethnographers come to your office andobserve your people, their interactions with the space and their behaviour in a holistic manner, taking into consideration every aspect of their experience to extract pain points and satisfaction points. From this information, our thinking process starts, as we define personas and employee journeys and use this to explain what the data is demonstrating.

<internet of things>

draw the journey of your employees

We work with numerous technology providers - wifi, infrared, accelerometers, AI-powered optical sensors... to source the best setup for your workplace, and start collecting the data. We can then tell you how much your workplace is used, the average size of a meeting, the average time spent in an area or in a given setting... and many other metrics to support your workplace experience decisions.

We believe data privacy should be everyone’s main concern; therefore, we only work with GDPR-compliant technologies.

<data> science

applied statistics to your experience issues

Our data scientists give sense to your data, analyzing patterns andcorrelation in the utilization of your spaces. With an average of 5 million data points per project, it takes more than Excel to crunch workplace analytics data. Our in-house dashboards and analytical platform can later be transferred to your teams, to implement a whole new way to apprehend what is happening in your office.

our <clients> say

"Wx has been a game changer in our refurbishments. Their team enabled us to see first that we could accomplish great space savings, then their analysis contributed to carry out the project with even the most reluctant of our users"

Marc Verdet, Head of Real Estate, ATOS
"We are truly assisting to the birth of a revolution in the way the workplace is managed - with less dumb decisions that don't integrate the users, and more evidences, and facts [...] Wx is at the forefront of this movement, and their methodology will be embraced by every major Real Estate Departments in the next 5 years."

Yahya El Iraki, CEO, MySeat
"We've accomplished massive savings on our real estate portfolio by methodically employing the tools developped by Wx's team - while improving our workplace experience in gigantic proportions. I don't want to remember how we were doing this in the past."

Xavier Perrin, Head of Real Estate EMEA, Microsoft