April 1, 2020

Why is it important to improve the employee experience?

The term "employee experience" encompasses all the elements, tangible or otherwise, that influence whether an employee feels comfortable in the company for which he or she works. A good employee experience is important because it directly influences employee loyalty to the company, which in turn translates into better business results; in fact, some studies claim that people who are satisfied with their jobs are up to 12% more productive. If you want to improve the experience of your employees, in this article I will leave you some advice that you can take into consideration.

Organizational culture and work climate

The employee experience is largely influenced by the work environment and organizational culture. The ideal is to have a pleasant working environment, where employees can feel valued and respected by both their superiors and their colleagues in similar positions; in addition, their assignments should be defined in schedules that are respected by the employer.


Employee experience is more than just the economic benefits a worker can obtain, it also includes keeping staff in constant training and stimulating their work performance through social benefits, such as food stamps, opportunities to continue their studies, among others. When a company offers these types of incentives to its employees, they tend to feel valued and are more competitive.

Technological resources

Technology is a key factor in improving the experience of the modern employee.  According to the research The Experience of Work: The Role of Technology in Productivity and Engagement, conducted by The Economist, companies that offer the technological tools their employees need to comfortably and efficiently perform their work manage to maintain their employees' commitment and retain their talent. 

Currently, employees are looking for work environments that offer an interest in providing them with the necessary tools to carry out their assignments and that drive their development to feel fulfilled.

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