June 18, 2020

Workplace experience: employees are the key

Today's employees face severe labor problems due to the pandemic and its effect on the economy. Current projections of unemployment are a huge source of concern for businesses. However, sustaining the improvement of the employee experience in the workplace is critical to business and competitiveness.   

Large companies are becoming aware of the need to implement strategies that improve the experience in the work environment. Among the cities that implement work experience improvement strategies each year is Singapore. This city is a leading business center in the region that implements professional support plans to facilitate the acquisition of new skills in human resources. 

In cities like Paris, London and Montreal, Human Resources areas start implementing strategies where the main axis is the employees and then the clients, because a motivated employee is more productiveand competitive. 

Studies on the employee's experience in the workplace maintain that among the aspects to be improved in companies are clearly defining the objectives of the organization, generating a positive work environment with opportunity for growth, with rewards, with equity and inclusion.  

Like wise,it is also of vital importance to promote meaningful work, implement group an dindividual work methodologies that stimulate the capacity to adapt and learn from each other. Similarly, managing a culture of recognition, of stimulating leadership to attract and recruit new candidates.  

How to improve the employee's experience at work? 

New technologies have contributed to changing traditional ways of working. Employees in the last century reduced their potential to meet strict and orthodox standards based on vertical power relations between bosses and subordinates.  

Today, however, technology is an alternative for improving the employee's workexperience and creating a flexible, democratic and inclusive work environment.To this end, it is important to manage technological tools that impact thepersonal lives of employees. 

One of the areas that most benefits from new technologies is communication.

For years,e-mail was the most viable technological resource, but in the latest work trends, collaborative work hasallowed the creation and access to platforms where communication is immediate. The latter improves productivity and collaboration among colleagues. 

Updated training is another aspect that improves the work environment, since through online courses employees are kept in continuous learning. On the other hand,the economic and emotional wellbeing of employees remains among the aspects to be improved with the use of health, exercise and food programs through apps.  

However,there are concerns about other work issues that prevent the positive development of the employee experience such as the vacation period, since long hours of work restrict time with family and friends. In addition, a fatigued employee is not competitive.  

In view of all these needs, it is advisable to manage a balance between strategic planning, the operating model and the organizational design of the work environment. Visit www.wx.studio and learn about our services in improving the employee experience. Contact us for more information.