<the problem>
with workplace experience

Nowadays, everyone agrees that crafting a great workplace experience
is essential for productivity, retention, or sense of belonging...
And there is a lot of thinking and money that gets poured into it.

However, it often fails.

<no data> = mistake

workplaces are complex and require measurement

Activity based workspaces can potentially enable significant footprint reduction and better collaboration. But they are complex to create and to understand for your employees. Bad - or downright absence of - measurements will lead to issues such as oversized workplaces, a lack of adequately sized meeting rooms, isolation spaces or areas of collaboration, and clumsy macrozoning.

<users not at the center> = mistake

Taking the employee in consideration is difficult but essential to create a workplace that works

Too often, the workplace is the product of top-down, expert-based assumptions - which by definition are not taking into account the end user. The new building is the starting point of the thinking process, and not the employees, which leads large organizations to end up paying for limitless change management missions.  And foosball tables continue to flourish in workplaces where no one uses them...

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Throughout our projects, we have been building an extensive network of partners to support us. We are tech-agnostic, and we help you choose the tools for your workplace that we know will be fit for purpose for your organization.

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<our shareholder>

Wx is fully owned subsidiary of Sodexo, one of the largest facility management organizations in the world. With more than 100 millions customers served everyday and more than 450,000 employees over 72 countries Sodexo is an important leader in the industry. More info here.

Sodexo has achieved a structuring strategic move, at the beginning of the 2000’s, by moving to the integrated facility management sector; but now, as workplace is becoming a growing matter, it became essential for them to address this topic for their clients.

Wx is born from this vision; in order to embrace the workplace challenge, it was necessary to develop a methodology to holistically analyze the different elements composing the employee experience, and to gather a variety of expertises.