February 25, 2020

Advantages of using experience management tools in the workplace

The introduction of experience management tools in the workplace is a way to generatebenefits for employees, customers and, therefore, to increase the productivityof the company.


Employees spend long hours interacting inthe workspace to organize both individual and team functions to be performed.If the physical environment does not facilitate this communication, theemployees' morale drops.


One of the ways to foster a positive workenvironment is to introduce employee experiencemanagement tools into the workplace. More and more companies are using moreparticipatory methodologies to encourage productivity, creativity and skills oftheir employees.


Collaborative work is one suchmethodology that induces teamwork and encourages commitment to productiveperformance by all employees. However, employing this form of work requiresemployees to be highly organized, especially in terms of communication.


What is the Employee Experience in the Workplace (EX)?


The employee experience (EX) is creatinga pleasant work space by managing a technological, cultural and physicalenvironment that stimulates employee happiness.


To achieve success in creating such apleasant space it is necessary to hire a workspaceconsultant. This professional is an expert in observing and analyzing theinteractions and behavior of employees with the space. In this way he definesthe needs, concerns and functions of the employees. This information providesthe basis for applying experiencemanagement tools in the workplace.


What are the benefits of using WorkplaceExperience Management tools?



To be more proactive, employees workbetter if their needs are met. These needs are not only personal needs butneeds that are common to a whole group of people within the company. Forexample, having adequate and functional space to work as well as adequate spaceto rest.


Identifying these needs and solving themwill make employees work more comfortable, motivated and feel more connected tothe company.



Today, companies must manage newtechnologies through various applications and users must be trained to usethem.  Work organization is now digitalwith the use of software as a tool for managing the experience in theworkplace.  


The internal processes of the company asthe interactions in the common spaces, the offices of the employees, the use ofthe technology, the internal communication, among others, can be analyzed andorganized to improve the quality, the empathy, the motivation, the learning,etc.



Innovative companies are aware of theknowledge exchange and skills development of their employees, therefore theyfacilitate their self-training through online training and other resourcesadapted to establish a better work experience.

The company also becomes a place that attractshuman talent. By having the recruitment of better prepared people, betterservices are offered, since they put their best performance in favor ofobtaining better results for the company.


Findin the site wx.studio more information about the technological solutionsthat achieve an optimal working environment to improve the company'sperformance.

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